Hawthorne Heights – Spray Paint It Black Lyrics

Hawthorne Heights – Spray Paint It Black Lyrics

Song- Spray Paint It Black
Artist- Hawthorne Heights
Featuring- Anthony Raneri
Album- The Rain Just Follows Me
Release Date- September 10, 2021

Hawthorn Heights “Spray Paint It Black” (ft. Anthony Raneri)

“Spray Paint It Black” lyrics:

I’ve got a troubled heart, it’s beating down like the sun
I’ve wasted most of my life, I’ve spent these years on the run

These gray skies turn to night and everything feels like winter
But sometimes I feel like nothing at all

Spray paint it black if it blocks out the sun
Burn it all down with the sparks from our love
When I look in your eyes I swear I just catch fire

Oh this damn troubled heart, it’s got me sinking so low
Spending 6 months apart, I know it’s never enough

Burn Burn Burn me down
To capsize or carry on or just slow it down
Burn Burn Burn me down
For all the days I’m gone, this is your song

I know you’d never tell me you want someone more ordinary
But that don’t mean you like being alone
And I know what it’s like to have it slip through your hands
So I shake shake shake like a spray paint can
And I’m trying to remember my way home

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