Kasabian – SCRIPTVRE Lyrics

Kasabian – SCRIPTVRE Lyrics

ARTIST- Kasabian
Release Date- May 6, 2022

Kasabian – SCRIPTVRE (Official Video)


Get the vile
Get the blood
Give me aggro

Take em all
On my own
Like in Rambo

On a roll, gotta reach for the light
Gotta reach for the mic
As I walk from the shadow

Out of sight
Out of mind
With a blind fold

Fight fires
I’m a Like a god
In choke hold

My time, my place
I’m keeping my cut from the liar
To the gallow

Even though I’m full of it
I’ll always puff my chest out
You can tell the Antichrist
You’re fucking with the best now

I don’t wanna stop
You think you wanna be
Never gonna let you go

Took it to the top
I don’t wanna be no hero
Never gonna let you go

Blind as the old man
Dreaming in the sun
As I lay you down to die

Love is a fire
Burns in everyone
We can fly till it gets you home
Gets you home
Gets you home

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