Lorde – Big Star Lyrics

Lorde – Big Star Lyrics

Song- Big Star
Artist- Lorde
Album- Solar Power
Release Date- August 20, 2021

Lorde – Big Star (Visualiser)

Big Star (Lyrics)

Everyone knows that you’re too good for me, don’t they?
I’m a cheater, I lie and I’m shy but you like to say hello to total strangers
Shivering pines and walls of colour
I can’t believe I used to stay inside

Every perfect summer’s got to say goodnight, now I watch you run through the amber light
I used to love the party, now I’m not alright drinking in the dark, take me home tonight

Baby, you’re a big star
You’re a big star
Want to take your picture
’Til I die

I toss up if it’s worth it now, every time I get on a plane
I’ve got so much to tell you and not enough time to do it in

Every perfect summer’s gotta take its flight, I’ll still watch you run through the winter light
I used to love the party now I’m not alright,
Hope the honeybees make it home tonight

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