Megadeth – We’ll Be Back Lyrics

Megadeth – We’ll Be Back Lyrics

SONG- We’ll Be Back
ARTIST- Megadeth
ALBUM- We’ll Be Back
Release Date- June 23, 2022

Megadeth – We’ll Be Back: Chapter I

We’ll Be Back Lyrics

The timing is right to exact my revenge
Spilling enemy blood, I will fight to the end
No more lying-in wait, just to even the score
There’s a price to be paid, now it’s time for war

I’m a soldier of fortune, of torture, and pain
I bash in your skull until no teeth remain
A ‘most-deadly’ weapon, pulverizing your head
With each crushing blow, how you wish you were dead

Just when you think it’s safe, I attack; we’ll be back
When you least expect your fate; I attack; we’ll be back
A kick to your face, one move, big mistake; we’ll be back
Let down your guard, full-on frontal attack, I’ll be back!

No use screaming for mercy, no use makin’ a sound
Still, you step right up, and get smacked back down
In the heat of battle, blood congeals on the floor
Another life-force bleeds out, another soul out the door

Antisocial, sadistic; the “Deity of War”
I stuff body bags, and I’m packing the morgue
No time for remorse over unclaimed remains
It’s just flotsam and jetsam, and it’s circling the drain

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