Migos Feat. Cardi B – Type Shit Lyrics

Migos Feat. Cardi B – Type Shit Lyrics

Type Shit Song Details:

Song- Type Shit
Artist- Migos, Cardi B
Album – Culture III
Release Date- June 11, 2021

Migos Feat. Cardi B – Type Shit (Official Audio):

Migos Feat. Cardi B “Type Shit” Lyrics:

[Verse: Takeoff]
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, yeah, yeah, uh, yeah, yeah)
It cost a half a ticket for a glass wrist (half a milli’)
But it ain’t cost me nothin’ for this bad bitch, ain’t cost me nun’ ho
We the ones that break the stage (break), then get paid (pay)
Came in the game, get your stain, bet the ops know all our names (bitch)
Ain’t you entertained (ho), I bossed her now she plain (plain)
The struggle where we came (struggle), there’s smoke behind my game (smoke)

[Verse: Quavo]
(Soo, grrraah)
Shots get to firin’, ‘cause some niggas got to hittin’ (hittin’)
Made em’ spin twice, ‘cause I swear I thought he missed (go)
Fuck that smoke shit, I got ice on my wrist (ice)
Still get my hands dirty, I’ll wash em’ til’ it’s drenched (soo, soo, soo)

[Verse: Takeoff]
Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane
Bitch it’s the rocket with all of these chains (bitch it’s the Rocket)
She got a nigga, but shit, she told me she doin’ her thang (shit, that’s cool)
Where there’s a plug, well none are more rocking right now on terrain (where there’s a plug, oh)

[Chorus: Quavo]
Type shit, type shit, this the type shit (let’s roll)
This the type shit that get ya bitch hit (smash)
This the type shit that got ya trendin’ (trend)
Killed it right quick, but we ain’t finish (no)

[Verse: Takeoff]
I pour a pint and drink that shit in 30 minutes (drink, lean)
Ever since I jumped up off the porch I been gettin’ it (get it)
Thinking bout’ them bags we had stashed in the kitchen (bags)
They said that society had turned me to a menace (fuck society, fuck em’)

[Verse: Cardi B]
I say this the type shit
Bitches love to type shit
I pull up Marine Serre
You know, in some tight shit
My accountant think I’m gay
All I do is buy shit
From the projects
To the privates jets
I’ve been a fly bitch (mwah)
Once hoes start doing bad
They need something they can blame it on
Bitches couldn’t be as hot as me
In the summertime with a blanket on
Bitches really be puppets
I’m in the Lamb-chop
And I don’t play along (skrrt)
Are you stupid, dumb, or slow?
Got these frames from Ricky O
All these verses I done slayed
All these looks that I done gave
Could have let these fuck hoes drown
But I let them ride my wave
Man these hoes looking real light
And this ass looking real heavy
Feel like Beyonce with this Birkin
But I’m Rowland with this Kelly (grrr)

[Verse: Offset]
Calling shots (brrrr), order the semi’s, then score on the ops (score)
Scrape up the pennies before I was poppin’ (hey)
Fuck her, dismiss her, I’m that type of guy (get out of there)
Up’ing my fire and I’m waving it (fire)
Take off the top, I done gutted it (gutted it)
Call me two harlet before I had busted it (before)
Flex on you niggas, this shit gettin’ ugly (ugly)
I got a Patek inside of the Cullinan (ah)
I tell her suck on me, I tell her fuck on me
Keep it a buck with me, up in it, stuck with me (yessir)
If we get into it, you niggas gon’ duck for me (go)
Niggas go buck for me, shoot up the club for me (shoot)
They want the recipe, body like Nestle
Try to get the best of me, but I ain’t going (no)
She liked an athlete, nigga don’t threaten me
Put out a hit, in two-months he gone (hit)
Put out the bitch, she was here for too long (put out)
We don’t need a loan, the mob Capone (mob)
I make an M with a blindfold (whoo)
Jump out the gym with some bows of the dope (hey)
Them niggas spinnin’, they takin’ they souls (spin)
Want a promotion, now he gettin’ blowed (blow)
Niggas already know (you know), Set ain’t no ho, he gon’ come as a ghost

[Chorus: Quavo]
Type shit, type shit, this the type shit (let’s roll)
This the type shit that get ya bitch hit (smash)
This the type shit that got ya trendin’ (trend)
Killed it right quick, but we ain’t finish (no)

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