Trippie Redd – Space Time Lyrics

Trippie Redd – Space Time Lyrics

Song- Space Time
Artist- Trippie Redd
Release Date- August 20, 2021

Trippie Redd – Space Time (Official Lyric Video):

Space Time Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Yeah, travel through space time
I travel through space time
Know I’m busy, I’ll make time
Heard I’m on top through the grapevine
I’ve been running the block like a Canine
Got the Glock in your mom, havin’ FaceTime
Gotta praise Allah out in Dubai
You a bitch, wish your mom got her tubes tied
Giuseppe steppin’ in the moonlight
Sippin’ on lean, no Moonshine
Tried to kill the opps, but they won’t die
Don’t play with my shooter, he too fried
Went and spinned his block like two times
Don’t see nobody, I’m hungry
I went to McDonald’s and ordered like two fries
Came a long way from black mold and using the stoves to make chicken pot pies
Wanna play with my name, then we drop dimes
Went and took the opps’ street sign

Niggas be mad we top five
Niggas be mad we top five
Niggas be mad we top five
Niggas be mad (We top five)
Niggas be mad we top five
Niggas be mad
Niggas be mad we top five (Yeah)
Niggas be mad (We top five)

[Verse 2]
Niggas be mad
Go get some racks (Go get some cash), go get some cash
Run up your bag, why you lookin’ sad?
On your ass, boy, get off yo’ ass
Bitch, we ’bout to spazz
Roll like thirty mags (Yeah, bah)
Woo, uh, hey, hey, hey, yeah, hey
Huh, bitch, I feel like Bloody Bermit, I don’t wanna talk
Know we swaggin’ and surfin’, I don’t wanna walk
W-W-Went and bought my bitch a Birkin, I don’t know the cost
I’m a Rick Margiela serpent, I can’t do Lacoste
They don’t like it when the tables turnin’, they get sick and lost
All this water on my body perfect, I’m just full of Voss

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