$UICIDEBOY$ – Escape from BABYLON Lyrics

$UICIDEBOY$ – Escape from BABYLON Lyrics

Song- Escape from BABYLON
Artist- $uicideboy$
Album- Escape from BABYLON
Release Date- June 10, 2022

$UICIDEBOY$ – Escape from BABYLON (Lyric Video)

[VERSE I: Romeo da Black Rose]

finding love in all the wrong places
shuffling through pretty faces
i’m glad you had a nice time but right now i need my space bitch
i don’t wanna waste your time, and i definitely don’t wanna waste mine
if i don’t feel the vibe, i’ll curb you like a stop sign
i been going through some shit
i guess i’m getting used to it
i been going through some shit
i guess i’m getting used to it
i used to doubt my usefulness
she a bad bitch and her ass thick
she gon turn me into a sad simp
another habit
i’m such an addict
i always gotta have it
one more time for validation
watch me turn into a rabbit

[VERSE II: Yung Heath Ledger]

what do ya know?
it’s young wetto riding with a hoe
that bitch before?
she was tripping
had to let her go
eenie meenie
miney moe
now he finger froze
i was sold when I showed my flaws and she loved me more
used to fucking hate her and she stated that she hate me too
now it’s babe I love you and she saying boy I love you too
still I deal with trauma from this ex in my past
only bitch I know psycho enough to land me in rehab
i ran
40 yard dash with a stash in my pants
now looking back she never had a chance
moving on to better things, bigger dreams
like cumming in pussy and hope my girl has a mini me

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