Until I Wake – Blue Beam Lyrics

Until I Wake – Blue Beam Lyrics

SONG- Blue Beam
ARTIST- Until I Wake
ALBUM- Blue Beam
Release Date- September 9, 2022

Until I Wake – Blue Beam

Blue Beam Lyrics

Blue Beam

They came in waves.
There must be thousands now.
The sky split open while hell rained down.

Where will we hide?
There’s nowhere to escape their eyes.
In panic we flee.
Spectacular weaponry melts us off our feet
We will not survive.
They’ve won.
The end of humankind.
Our time is up.

We rally our forces.
We put up a fight
Call in reinforcements.
There’s death on our doorstep.
No mercy.
No hope left.

We’re bunkered in.
I got one round left that I’ll save for my head.
The apocalypse.
A new world is dawning.
The devils upon us.

We could not survive.
We’ve lost.
The end of humankind.
Our time is up.

The earths taken hostage.
No heroes.
No might.
Brave voices go silent.
Death to those who do not comply.

There’s nowhere to run to.
There’s nowhere to hide.
We’re going to find you.
You will fall in line.

One flag now stands.
All hail the lizard king.
Your lives belong to me.
No questions.
Do not resist.
We’ve usurped your governments.
Dismantle your religions.
Your world remains ignorant.
This is the end.

We rallied our forces.
We put up a fight.
Called in reinforcements
We’re all gonna die.

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