UPSAHL – Lunatic Lyrics

UPSAHL – Lunatic Lyrics

Song- Lunatic
Artist- Upsahl
Release Date- September 3, 2021

UPSAHL – Lunatic (Official Video)

Lunatic Lyrics:

Let me paint the picture for ya
Heard my ex talking trash bout my p**** on the internet, seeing red
Next thing I know I’m outside his work
With a baseball bat cause I want this to hurt

Hello 911
Think that I’m on one
Get the ambulance
I might mess him up
Cause I heard what you said the other night night
So if you got the nerve to say it twice
Say it

I’m a lunatic
I’m a bitch
Ima light up all your shit
Blow a kiss like woo
Punch you in the –
Tiny dick
Look at what you did
I’m a lunatic

If we’re being straight up I faked it the whole time
You couldn’t get it to stay up, so I got off online
Yeah I tried to play it nice
And that lasted bout a week
Now I kinda wanna fight
Are you happy to see me?


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