UPSAHL – Melatonin Lyrics

UPSAHL – Melatonin Lyrics

Song- Melatonin
Artist- Upsahl
Directed by – George Gallardo Kattah
Release Date- June 11, 2021

UPSAHL – Melatonin (Official Video)

Melatonin Lyrics:

Take all the doubt
All the dirty laundry
Air it out
Got a bad taste in my mouth
From all that shit talking
To myself

I should take this sign as an indication
I got issues in my mind and I gotta face em
When I’m turning off the lights I go to other places
Got the sun up in my eyes, I’m afraid

Think I had too much to dream last night
I feel like I didn’t sleep last night
Stressed out with circles under my eyes
Melatonin shots
I don’t wanna talk cause I
Think I had too much to dream last night
All of my problems got real last night
Now that I know how I feel I might
Take melatonin shots
Till I’m nodding off

Fighting with my feelings
Only when I’m dreaming

Sorry that I’m late
Woke up in the morning feeling strange
Told you I’m okay
But tonight I’m back to circling the drain

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