UPSAHL – Douchebag Lyrics

UPSAHL – Douchebag Lyrics

Song- Douchebag
Artist- Upsahl
Release Date- May 14, 2021

UPSAHL – Douchebag (Official Video)

Douchebag Lyrics:

You’re a douchebag
And I can prove that
With the evidence she left in my bed
You’re a douchebag
You’ll never change yea
And I still don’t know what’s going on in your head
Moving on fast to the next
It’s 100% not a chance that I’m wrong
why’d it take me this long to know (figure out) ,
You’re a douchebag

The story all started when a boy meets girl
And they fell in love in a big big world
Found a place on the east side
She really thought he would treat her right but
Then one night she came back home
Started scrolling on her phone,
Saw pics on the internet, of him and a new girl in her bed

I wanted us to end up as friends
But you fucked it all up

Thought that we were on that ride or die shit
on that baby it’s just you and I shit
I was the courtney to your Kurt cobain
Yea you numbed my brain just like novacane
We were doing everything right yea
Who woulda thought it would change in one night

I wanted us to end up as friends
But you fucked it all up

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